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We are pleased to share Parish Pages as a way to digitally distribute information and resources throughout the Diocese of Green Bay. All clergy, parish staff, school staff, religious, and community leaders are welcome to subscribe to this digital e-publication.

If you need any further information about or assistance subscribing to the Parish Pages, please contact Lynn Mullins, lead coordinator of Parish Pages, at 920-272-8208.

Thank you. God bless.

Submit a Diocesan Resource


Click below to download a PDF copy of the distribution calendar for Parish Pages.



To retain the quality of Parish Pages, please use the following guidelines when submitting resources, documents and/or web links:

  • Parish Pages is for parish staff to receive and quickly review resources and information from diocesan offices.
  • Any resource, document, or website link may be included in one edition of Parish Pages.
    • An exception is to inform of an event and then have a general resource in a later issue.
    • In addition, if an item is in the Chancery Bulletin, it will not be included in Parish Pages as well. This reduces content over-saturation and has been requested by our readers.
  • Have the following items ready when you submit your document:
    • A title for the document that is 8 words or less based upon the file name.
    • A type for the document that is 2 words or less. (Flyer, Bulletin Insert, Poster, etc.)
    • A one-line description, 12 words or less, of how the document will help the staff using it. (e.g.- “These bulletin inserts will help promote prayer for vocation in parishes.”)
  • When saving a file, please match the file name to the name of the item listed in Parish Pages. Example: save your flyer as “BigEventFlyer.pdf” so it matches your submission title of “Big Event Flyer.” This helps both Curia and parish staff.
  • Resources, documents and links will be included and prioritized in the order that they are received.
  • If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

If you have any questions about Parish Pages, please contact Lynn Mullins at or (920) 272-8208. Thank you!