To improve the quality of the Parish Pages, we are currently in a “pilot period” of newsletter testing, to better meet the needs of those whom we serve in the mission field. During this time of Parish Pilot renewal, please use the following guidelines when submitting documents:

  • When you save a file please match that file name to the name of the item that is being listed in the Parish Pages. So if you create an event flyer for your big event, save the flyer as something like “BigEventFlyer.pdf” and then match that with your submission title being, “Big Event Flyer” as your resource name. This helps both the Curia and frontline staff alike.
  • Have the following items ready when you go to submit your document:
    • A title for the document that is 8 words or less based upon the file name.
    • A type for the document that is 2 words or less. (Flyer, Bulletin Insert, PDF, Decree, etc.)
    • A one-line description, 12 words or less, of what needs the document meets for the person who is the primary frontline staff using it. (e.g.- “These bulletin inserts will help promote prayer for vocation in parishes.”)
  • Any document or resource submitted for inclusion into the parish (not connected to an event) may be submitted ONCE for inclusion in the Parish Pages. The field has asked us not to replicate documents and resources because it confuses what is new and what is not new in each edition.
    • The one exception to this guideline will be for events. As we recognize that events are announced well in advance of the actual event date, event information and resources may be submitted once at the time of the announcement of an event, and then again once between that date and the actual date of the event.
  • The Parish Pages is primarily for frontline staff to receive and quickly review diocesan resources and information. They have asked us to streamline this digest of sources as best possible. As much as possible, please only distribute diocesan-produced content and links. Otherwise, we risk content over-saturation which the field has told us significantly or eliminates Parish Pages engagement.
  • Resources, documents and links will be included and prioritized in the order that they are received. If any edition becomes lengthy, inclusion of items may be delayed to a later edition to keep reader time to a minimum.
  • If you have any suggestions during this pilot period, or beyond, please let us know, and we will do our best to create a win/win outcome for all, Curia member and frontline staff alike.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines during the continued pilot phase of the refreshed Parish Pages, please contact Matthew Livingstone at or (920)272-8214. Thank you! God bless.