Subscribe to Parish Pages

We are pleased to share Parish Pages as a way to digitally distribute information and resources from the diocese to parishes throughout the Diocese of Green Bay. All clergy, parish staff, school staff, religious, and community leaders are welcome to subscribe to this digital e-publication.

If you need any further information about or assistance subscribing to the Parish Pages, please contact Lynn Mullins, lead coordinator of Parish Pages, at 920-272-8208.

Thank you. God bless.


Click below to download a PDF copy of the distribution calendar for Parish Pages.

Submit a Diocesan Resource


To retain the quality of Parish Pages, please use the following guidelines when submitting resources, documents and/or web links:

  • Parish Pages is for parish staff to receive and quickly review resources and information from diocesan offices.
  • Any resource, document, or website link may be included in one edition of Parish Pages.
    • An exception is to inform of an up-coming event (i.e., Save the Date) in one issue and have a general resource/registration in a later issue.
      • Each will be included once and must be two differently-focused, separate resources.
    • In addition, if an item is in the Chancery Bulletin, it will not be included in Parish Pages as well. This reduces content over-saturation and has been requested by our readers.
    • Another exception are the Quarterly Reporting bulletin announcements, which are published quarterly.
  • Have the following items ready when you submit your document:
    • A title that is 8 words or less, based upon the file name.
    • The type for the document it is in 2 words or less. (Flyer, Bulletin Insert, Poster, etc.)
    • A one-line description, 12 words or less, of how the document will help the staff using it. (e.g.- “These bulletin inserts will help promote prayer for vocation in parishes.”)
  • When saving a file, please match the file name to the name of the item listed in Parish Pages. Example: save your flyer as “BigEventFlyer.pdf” so it matches your submission title of “Big Event Flyer.” This helps both Curia and parish staff.
  • Resources, documents and links will be included and prioritized in the order that they are received.

If you have suggestions or questions about Parish Pages, please contact Lynn Mullins at or 920-272-8208. Thank you!